Attention: All Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

Thrudemic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an author, work with best-selling novelists, establish yourself as an authority, and build your brand.

  • Would you like to share your story and impact generations to come?
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  • Grab the opportunity to co-author an anthology with some of the greatest minds in the healthcare profession today.

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For the last 19 years, Americans have rated nursing as the most ethical and honest profession every single year!

In 2020 polls, 89% of Americans rated nurses’ honesty and ethical standards as “very high”

Very High

What does this poll mean?

  • Americans hold medical professionals in the highest regard.
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic increased the public perception of everyone working on the frontline, meaning Americans are longing to hear your side of the story. Are you:
  • Working in the frontline?
  • Did you find yourself taking care of patients in the isolation wards or the ICU?
  • Did you, or are you currently working on the frontline?
  • Were you greatly affected by the COVID-19?
  • Did you find yourself caring for patients, friends, or family members with the coronavirus?
  • Did you lose a loved one to COVID-19?
  • Did you have to mask your feelings and emotions to care for others?
  • People around the world would love to sneak peek into your life, your struggles, and your triumphs.


Do you realize how sharing your story can give you your big break?


“Hi, I’m (your name), a co-author of Thrudemic.
Check it out, its available on Amazon.”

This alone sets you apart whenever your name is mentioned.
Whether it is in your department, hospital or facility, your alma mater, or a speaking engagement, your name will attract massive credibility.You will forever stand out among your peers. What’s more, you will automatically establish and grow your personal brand.

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

Here is a look at the qualifications needed to be part of the biggest and most sought-after book in the history of healthcare


Not worry about having prior writing experience (this is not needed)

Be a Licensed Nurse or health care professional

Worked with Covid-19 patients, especially in units such as ICU, ER, and LTC

Be motivated, and eager for success and ready to tell your story

Have the ability to converse in the English Language

Be ready to work with a top-notch editing team and Best-Selling authors

How it works?

Opportunity: Thrudemic Co-Author

We are signing up Collaborators who are willing to share their experience for our next bestseller – The Thrudemic Anthology.

Working as a front line worker, did you go through:

  • Immense grief that changed you?
  • Gut-wrenching experiences?
  • Mental exhaustion and anxiety never experienced before?
  • Quarantine due to an infection in the line of duty?

What have you gone through?
Are you still dealing with the shocks and flushes?
How did it change your life?
Given a chance, would you still choose the same career path?
What keeps you going?

Did you see any of these Hashtags?




Allow us to put a face on these hashtags!

Do you want to be part of the biggest story of our generation?

Here is your chance



Fill Out Your Application & Get approved, then tell your story. You may audio record it, or write it. That’s It!


We receive your story, then you relax and we do the heavy lifting. We transcribe, typeset, edit and publish. You become an AMAZING Author.


We put it all together, then you are on Amazon and making some CASH $$$ from book sales.