Nursing in the Pandemic: Building Resilience As a Nurse Through Innovation

Bridget Burke

Bridget Burke defines herself as a realistically optimistic and inquisitive RN providing care for uniquely complex pediatric populations and innovating with health & fintech start-ups to be the difference in the modern healthcare landscape.

The definition captures the totality of Burke’s professional aspiration, personal beliefs and purpose in life.

Who is Bridget Burke?

She is a registered nurse and healthcare entrepreneur who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the MGH Institute of Health Professions. Burke also is a pediatric RN at Newton Wellesley Hospital who loves to empower her fellow nurses.

Starting her career at the onset of a global pandemic, Burke learned to spot opportunities to improve healthcare in unprecedented times. One of these was the innovative Nurse Wallet Co project, where she is currently the head of nurse relations.

Nurse Wallet Co is a fintech start-up that is essentially a money app for nurses offered as a B2B wellness benefit product to healthcare employers. One of the top stressors for nurses and healthcare professionals is achieving financial freedom working in the industry. Bridget and her co-founders had this in mind when building the Nurse Wallet Co. App.

What It Does

Nurse Wallet is the only app built specifically for nurses to empower them on their path to stress-free finances.

It features a personalized financial step-by-step plan that helps nurses generate long-term success through a holistic approach that combines fintech tools, personalization services, and advice from qualified advisors in one platform.

Nurse employers partnering with the Nurse Wallet can extend this much-needed wellness benefit to their workforce.

Beyond that, however, Nurse Wallet is a community of nurses to empower nurses and amplify the voices that help make a difference.

A young nursing professional, Bridget Burke, is passionate about the Gen Z workforce and how they can change nursing. This is evident in her start-up’s targeting, branding, and thought-provoking conversations around challenges in nursing.

Joining Healthcare

Bridget Burke started her career as a patient care assistant at the Newton Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts, in 2022 while studying for her nursing degree.

Having graduated circa 2019, Burke became an RN in the thick of the pandemic in 2020- all she knows is unprecedented. As such, her nursing experience is marked by a critical thinking perspective.

From this backdrop, Burke has cultivated a spirit of creativity and innovation, taking up the nursing mantle in stride with the times.

She moved from working as a PACU and operating room RN to a resource RN in the COVID-19 inpatients medical unit. Her capabilities in this position at the Franciscan Children’s Hospital earned her the Novice Nurse of the Year Award.

Since then, she has returned as an inpatient medical surgical pediatrics registered nurse to the Wellesley Hospital, where her career started.

Her Accomplishments

Within her short period in the professional field, Burke has demonstrated excellence through her ongoing professional development. She is a member of the NNBA (National Nurses in Business Association), SONSIEL, and became the scholarship recipient to The Schwartz Center’s Compassion in Action Healthcare Conference in 2019.

Nursing in the Pandemic: Balancing Patient Care and Self-Care

What if you were not worried about your bank balance? What would you do then for work-life balance, flexibility in schedule, and money management?

While nurses have been working round the clock to fight the COVID pandemic Statistics show that the majority of the nurses leaving the workforce are those in early and mid-tenure or below 35 years. These groups also happen to be the future nursing workforce as older age groups retire.

Among the contributing factors are burnout, financial challenges, and a lack of work-life balance.

As a young professional, Burke believes the younger workforce is the solution to this crisis and shares insights on what would work.

Creating the life they want outside the hospital walls can help nursing professionals find a balance between patient care and self-care by intentionally pursuing financial freedom.

Bridget’s take on empowering nurses to engage in their passions outside the workplace and managing their finances is one step towards dealing with nurse stressors.

As a Thrudemic Co-author, she will be sharing her pandemic experiences working as a new graduate and how she managed to build resilience and optimism starting a nursing career at a dark time in human history.

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