Nurses’ WellBeing in the Pandemic: Helping Healthcare Organizations Create A Wellness Culture

Michelle G. Rhodes

Michelle G Rhodes, MSH, CMCN, RN- Corporate Wellness Consultant

Michelle Rhodes is a registered nurse with over 20 years of working in insurance nursing. She is a CEO, corporate wellness consultant, executive coach, trainer, author, and speaker.

With a background in managed care and registered nursing, she realized an unmet need to provide customized educational programs for healthcare professionals.

She switched from her previous career path as an RN to pursue this passion full-time.

The rise of Green Rhodes Consulting and the RNterpreneur had the mission of helping nurses venture outside their nursing professions and companies achieve peak performance through employee wellness!

After working in the health industry for years, helping clients manage their wellbeing, Michelle gathered extensive knowledge on how proper care can be an asset for companies to cut down costs and increase productivity.

Her consulting firm serves organizations through public speaking, coaching, and consulting. She is now a global speaker on corporate wellness, giving talks about the essentials of workplace wellness. These are complemented by remote wellness classes and wellness initiative plans such as campaigns to encourage employees to take care of their health and create transformative work cultures.

Green Rhodes Consulting also partners with corporate entities and healthcare organizations to help them write strategic plans and design programs that provide returns on the health investment of their employees.

Helping Health Professionals Become Entrepreneurs

Michelle is a successful nurse entrepreneur in her own right.

As the founder and the CEO of three thriving online businesses-Green Rhodes Consulting, RNterpreneur, and The Color of Wellness Magazine, Michelle understands entrepreneurship.

The RNterpreneur is about nurses finding self-actualization by translating their skills and passion into a business, much like she did. Through the RNterpreneur Academy, she offers a personal development program in writing, public speaking, and coaching. It continues to

empower nurses to become writers, public speakers, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs globally.

Mental Health Concerns and Nursing Wellness During and Post-Pandemic

Generally, healthcare professions have been associated with higher levels of work-related mental distress.

Most nurses and physicians report burnout, emotional exhaustion, and diminished feelings of accomplishment.

Researchers who surveyed physician burnout, Eckleberry-Hunt et al, 2017, suggest that these issues stem from workplace factors such as lack of control over their work, work-life balance, long hours, etc.

The pandemic has intensified mental health issues among health workers, especially those directly involved in the diagnoses, treatment, and care of Covid-19 patients.

A global survey by Morgantini, et al, 2020 of 2,707 health workers reported that 51% suffered burnout during the pandemic and 41% of 7000 doctors from the UK reporting mental health conditions worsened during the pandemic (British Medical Association, 2020).

How Nurses Can Achieve Wellness

Improving nurse wellness is important in ensuring patients receive the best care possible.

Proposals to curb this are geared toward workplace changes. Studies show workplace changes like increasing support personnel, aligning goals between nurses and leadership, and wellness focus groups can lead to increased satisfaction in health workers, which translates into better patient outcomes.

Part of Michelle’s managed care and wellness consultancy is concerned with corporate and nursing wellness coaching.

As an executive coach, Michelle works with nurse leaders from various health organizations and institutions to develop from the inside out. On a company level, she helps them create wellness programs for their nursing teams.

Their proprietary M.I.M technique is the backbone of this training- where she sets the atmosphere for change, plans the course of action with the nurse leaders, implements, then measures and reports findings.

In this pandemic era and following the increased mental and physical health issues among health workers, Michelle’s coaching team is at the forefront of working with executive nurses to keep their nursing staff well and thriving.

Corporate Wellness As a Nursing Leadership Tool

The award-winning wellness speaker and coach always says to the corporations she works with, ‘Leaders often think it’s more clients. No, it’s more wellness.’

The wealth of an organization lies in the health of the employees and executives. With this in mind, Michelle helps organizations utilize corporate wellness as a leadership tool by developing cost-effective health investments for employees.

Michelle Rhodes is one of the authors in the upcoming Thrudemic book 1 on nurses, Hidden Pandemic Nurse Stories. Michelle’s perspective on mental health struggles of nursing and steps toward wellness is a crucial take on the future of nursing wellness.

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