Are you a doctor or medical professional? Welcome to this enormous ship


Thrudemic offers all doctors and health professionals an opportunity to work together in an international book and share their stories of how they interacted with the pandemic.

  • Would you like to share your story and impact generations to come?
  • Would you want your name to be recognized all over the world?
  • Would you love to skyrocket your career in a short time without studying for additional certificates?
  • Grab the opportunity to co-author an anthology with some of the greatest minds in the healthcare profession today.

Why Does it Matter?

We saw You fight tirelessly against the virus, working long shifts, wondering if you should go home to your family, if you will be next, and if you could have done more to keep some patients alive.

Many of you are STILL in that place.

You have had that moment where you had to find the strength to put on a brave face, give moral support and bad news over video call, and when your efforts just stopped feeling worth it.

This is not about politics. This is not about vaccinations. Now is your time to let your story be heard. Our newest Thrudemic Series, The Hidden War: Us vs. The Virus is an anthology written by doctors about their fight against the COVID-19 virus and the pandemic.

For less than the time it takes you to dictate your notes, you can declare your steadfast fight. Your selflessness from serving and attempts to keep everyone safe, including yourself. Regardless of the outcome, your story MUST be told. Secure your spot and cement your legacy.

You Will Have the Opportunity to:

Get your story heard around the world

Establish yourself as an author

Earn from Book Sales

Get featured on Global platforms: Both print and news media

Become a leader among pace-setters in the medical community

Add Author as your newest credential

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

Here is a look at the qualifications needed to be part of the biggest and most sought-after book in the history of healthcare


Not worry about having prior writing experience (this is not needed)

Licensed Medical Doctor or Health Care Professional

Worked with Covid-19 patients, especially in units such as ICU, ER, and LTC

Be motivated, and eager for success and ready to tell your story

Have the ability to converse in the English Language

Be ready to work with a top-notch editing team and Best-Selling authors

 Who is this for?

That’s All!

It’s not necessary to have experience in writing flawless chapters.

We only want you to share your story the best way you can, and our editors will do the rest.

What’s Next?

Get access to writing your first book

We will interview the first 100 doctors, first come, first serve. We will select the Top 50 for this project.

This is that Opportunity of a Lifetime! Secure Your Spot Now. Leave Your Legacy.