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Now, BEFORE you submit an application, let’s answer a few questions

Step 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2

Fill out your contact information

Step 3

Schedule a Meeting with our team

That’s great. You do not need any prior writing experience. If you can pass NCLEX, you are qualified!

Audio Record It! or Write It! (Its just that simple. We will do the rest).

(you may audio record it- big discount for this method) Simply use a phone recorder that has an mp4 file to submit or Write it. (once you are approved, we will provide you with the platform and portal to upload your story)

You can be approved, and upload your contact information and story all within 4-5 days time. We have a quickly approaching publishing date, so hurry

You fill out the application, and someone from our author or publishing team will call you for a 15 minute chat to see if you are approved to move forward.

70 seconds for the application, 1-2 hours for your story, maybe another day to gather your additional information, then 10 seconds to tweet that you are on your way to becoming an author!

Well, yes. Publishing costs are over ten to fifteen thousand dollars. But, dont panic, we will not even charge you in that zip code. You will also have the opportunity to sell the book and make a profit. But, before we talk about price, get the application filled out, schedule a meeting and lets see if your story will best fit with our project.

Thanks for asking! If you are a full-time nursing student: Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral you will receive a discount. And the best part, if you refer another author, we do give a referral fee. That’s right, nurses need extra CASH $$$