Covid 19 and the Ripple Effects of Stress Among Nurses: Laarni San Juan On Dealing With Stressors

Laarni San Juan, MPH, PHN, RN- Public Health Nurse and Entrepreneur

Laarni San Juan is a public health nurse, bestselling author, and entrepreneur of The Sweet and Focused Life. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of San Francisco and a masters in public health from UCLA.

Bagging over 26 years in the health industry, Laarni has extensive experience in nursing, project research and management. Her professional excellence has seen her guest appear on numerous nursing and healthcare platforms before and after the pandemic.

Beyond that, Laarni is a nurse leader, bestselling author, community champion and thought leader who has exercised her leadership capacity in the California Nursing Association and leading the San Mateo County Covid 19 Discharge Planning Team.

Over the years, San Juan has experienced grief, loss and disappointment that challenged her to take charge of her life and happiness. She has shared these openly in print, radio, and mentorship circles. Through these experiences and lessons, Laarni coaches others to create a life they want and enjoy doing it.

About The Sweet and Focused Life

The Sweet and Focused Life is about learning to balance ambition and personal life.

Laarni started The Sweet and Focused Life to help burned-out, bored professionals revive their passion for life and work smart.

Based on her own journey from burnout to bliss, Laarni has learned the importance of creating a balanced life- how to do more, be more, and still live a fulfilling lifestyle. She now shares her wisdom with others who are ready to make a change in their lives.

How Covid 19 Has Impacted Nurses and Their Stress Levels

Media reports across the globe indicated the Covid extreme exhaustion, long work hours, fear of contracting the virus and emotional distress among nurses, especially in Covid 19 hotspots like the U.S and Italy. The physical strain and emotional drain have led to increased stress levels, some without even noticing.

Laarni, a full-time nurse, was working as part of the San Francisco Covid response team during this period.

Despite being accustomed to working under stress, she found her physical condition taking a hit by the events of the pandemic.

As a working mother taking care of her aging mother, Laarni attests to not realizing the toll it was all taking on her until she was diagnosed with Shingles.

This made her to slow down, reflect and focus on self-care.

How to Deal With Stressors

The ripple effects of stress at work can be far-reaching – even reaching those who aren’t currently experiencing it firsthand. The families of patients and health workers have been affected as well.

Thrudemic is proud to introduce Laarni San Juan, one of the co-authors, sharing her personal experiences and expert advice on coping with what has become increasingly an serious issue among health workers and families around the world – chronic stress resulting from traumatic events such as this pandemic.

Laarni has opened up on different platforms about dealing with the ripple effects of stress since the pandemic began. She shares her experience in depth as a nursing professional and offers advice on coping with stress. San Juan’s insights are valuable for those affected by Covid 19, including healthcare workers and their families.

Her candid discussion in the book on the challenges nurses face will help to raise awareness about the importance of supporting these essential members of our community.

What kind of person would want to read or share their experience about what it’s like working as part of an international team tackling one global issue? This is a call for nurses and other health professionals.

If you are looking forward to learning how other health professionals approach challenges head-on without fear.

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